Gaaaah. Seriously? I understand we've only been dating for two weeks, I'm not trying to lock you down, marry you or saying "I love you." I think you're tons of fun, smart, sexy and I want to continue seeing you. So it's insulting when you tell me to "chill out" or "stop acting like a girl" when I want to take you to a concert two weeks from now and you stumble over your words - not knowing if you want to go and I need to "calm down with the making plans" for us.
(Grumble). Dude... shut the fuck up and be an adult. Don't under value my liking you to "crazy girl" syndrome. You either like me or you don't. I've never been able to play the games and it's frustrating as hell that at 30, you seem to be. I'm sorry some clingy girl(s) has made you this insecure that a woman making plans with you is a ploy to secretly try and take over your life. In summation; When I'm into a guy, I ask him out and want to spend time with him. Deal with it more maturely, please. Stop putting your shitty dating history drama on me.