Enough already! In the beginning people fought for real causes, expressed real passions and unique individuality... against an increasingly stale, ignorant, cookie cutter world. And now Portland has become exactly that. Every band, film, painting, book, photo, political view, outfit, restraurant, lifestyle, attitude, opinion, philosophy, ect... is all the fucking same AMONG EVERYONE! Is it really that interesting when every facet of everyones life is carefully constructed to constantly portray some form of uber eccentricity?Nothing more than a bucket list culture in which every single person is sooo careful not to deviate from. When you strip away the aesthetics on the surface, how is Portland any different than Miami or LA? Just another group of homogenous, superficial douchebags that only care about themselves. I don't really see a difference anymore between someone on a tall bike from someone in a Hummer, someone in a recycled vintage outfit from someone in an REI jump suit, or a blatent asshole from a self rightous passive aggressive. The people here are the same as there, the only difference is the fucking costume.