Went up to one of my favorite camping spots that's within a 2 hour drive of the metro area this weekend. A very lovely place that in years past has been remote enough to keep out most dirtbags.
Well, it's now been discovered by the masses. Multiple piles of TP and shit just off the trail to the river. Dirty disposable diapers on the rivers edge. Cig butts everywhere. Broken beer bottles and PBR cans there too. You fuckwads can't manage to carry that stuff back to the trash cans provided, or use the toilets at the site? Or hell, at least walk 20 feet off the trail to squeeze off a loaf?
Could you also teach little Johnny that hacking the fuck out of a living pine tree with his hatchet is a shitty thing to do? What the fuck is wrong with you? Don't worry though, we cleaned up after you, which isn't how I wanted to spend my Saturday.