Instead of any ol' hack being given the opportunity to whine on here without any repercussions; instead of users having the availability to bitch back and forth on comment threads with the convenience of their computer screen to hide behind, I suggest the Portland Mercury make a weekly gathering spot for I,A where people can submit handwritten rants to be read aloud in a room full of people. That way, when someone disagrees with a particular I,A, they will actually have to think of something on the spot if they even have the balls (or...tits? Sorry feminists, I don't know what's PC) to begin with. They won't have the luxury of sitting either at their work desk like a slacking, talent-less dickhead, or at home, where they sit hee-hawing at their meticulously crafted rebuttals like the ignorant shit kickers they are.
If this were in real life, 95% of you people would cower and barely make a stink. And those of you who WOULD say something would sound like pandering, elitist ass hats—-kind of in the way you do now, except less cool, less 'intimidating' and certainly not as cunning as you try to sound in your online comments.

The funny thing is, I know people are STILL going to comment on this, trying to sound funny/tear this down with all they have. Maybe I'm being facetious, but you're all still a bunch of assholes, so comment away with what you will....I'm always in the mood to be proven right.

AdiÓs, shit heads.