Fuck you USbank you useless bloodsucking cocksuckers. After banking with USBank for twenty years, after building a million dollar business without you help, not once did you see fit to trust me with a fucking loan. Fuck you Chase for encouraging me to open an account for my new business with you with the promise that I may not get all I asked for but I will get something. Then you took three weeks to let me know I will get nothing because I am bad. And all you young cheery fuckers who work there, i am glad you have a job, you may not be bad people, but you are the smiling happy face for fuckers.
The only solace I have is that I have been scrapping and surviving my whole life. So when the shit hits the fan as it appears it will in my life time. I am ready to begin feasting on the soft pink flesh of you slow useless fuckers. The more that I think about it the less patient I am to wait for the shot to hit the fan. I am hungry. Eat the rich mutha fuckaaaaaaaa's. And eat their children first.