Hey Richmond Neighborhood,

Fuck you! Are you seriously trying to raise money for "legal and communications support" so you can whine about a building being built that will not include any spots to park cars? You fucking live on Division Street, you are living near a commercial zoned area of Portland. If an apartment does not provide parking then most likely that person will not live there. Why are you asking for money from people so you can be whiny assholes while families are starving in Portland? Do you know what $5,500 can do for hungry families in this city? If you are so worried about parking in front of your house, I hear the suburbs don't have that problem.

Don't think the Richmond assholes are the only ones who I want to call out. The same goes for the shitheads living off of Burnside who don't want an apartment with no parking to go in. What the fuck? Last time I checked, Burnside was filled with traffic. How is an apartment going to add to the congestion?

Fuck you, you NIMBY assholes!

I wish this problem of not being able to park in front of my house was my main concern; instead I have to worry if my shit will get stolen or if people in my neighborhood are going to be killed (including me).