TO THE STUPID, RUNTY LITTLE MALE BITCH CONSPICUOUSLY EYEING MY STUFF AT JUST AFTER 11:00 PM MON 8/13 @ "COFFEE TIME": Tough shit, you suck at what you do, and what you do is pickpocketing/attempted thievery, so you deserve to be tossed into the indifference of The System (i.e., "Criminal Justice"), rather than enjoying the privileges of cavorting free amongst all the "nice" people, on the Other Side of the Aisle than the humorless Republicans/Monotonists/Christian-Military Types. You couldn't have given yourself away any MORE — as it was, I had to double-check myself for over-sensitive "feelers" ("No, no ... he's not going to try to rip you off," I [initially] told myself) — but digging and digging and DIGGING in your pockets (find SOMETHING, yet?) and then LOOKING RIGHT BACK AT ME when, astonished, I found you were so empty-headed as to return my "Are you STILL just STANDING there?" glance in your direction ... I mean, what: were your expecting I'd give you PERMISSION to rip me off? VERDICT: You're worthless. Try Vegas. (You can sell your ASS there — it's LEGAL!)