Ohh girl. You and your boytoy think you are so slick. Just so you know, I know you are married. And I know it's not to boytoy. So please to be explaining why his hand was under your skirt when the lights went out. I had a suspicion that something was going on, something more than friends. My suspicion was certainly confirmed last week. Your poor husband! Does he know? I'm guessing not. I'm sure you thought no one in the room knew you were married or just assumed you were with boytoy. I did, until I did a little digging around. I thought you were pretty cool until I found out this little tidbit. For shame.

Never assume your secrets are safe. They definitely are not. And now I have all the information in my hands to rat you out. Will I? I don't know yet. I have nothing to gain and it seems douchebaggy but then again, I'm not the one cheating and your poor husband deserves the truth. What to do, what to do?