I don't know if you are just a horrible driver or if you were indeed trying to kill me with your giant white work truck today but one thing is for certain: You keep driving like that someone is going to get very fucked up.

You first got my attention when you ran the light coming off the southbound I-5 exit at Rosa Parks, missing me by mere inches. The second instance was not a minute later while going north on Interstate when you tried to squeeze past me where there was no room - this time your side mirror that sticks out about three feet actually grazed my head,(I'm on a bicycle if you haven't figured it out yet) And the third time, as you caught back up to me at Fred Meyer, you attempted to right-hook me without signalling and left me no other option than to fly onto the sidewalk, between some pedestrians and into a parked car.

This was obviously beyond what normal people are willing to tolerate so will a full head of steam I attempted to locate your giant white deathmobile with with limousine-black windows and Washington plates. No luck.

I'm not even sure what I would have done had I found you. I'm pretty sure you are an impressive dickhead and would not have admitted the error of your ways. Hell, maybe you knew exactly what you were doing and just don't give a shit. All I know is you are a menace and if you haven't put someone in the hospital or worse with your belligerent driving you soon will.

I only wish I had thought to get your license plate number.