Ahh, troll fodder. Like a glistening new vibrating Fleshlight from Spartacus, the trolls come and wrap the words around their lonely bits and pieces, spraying their sticky white ignorance all over the comments section. Whores calling the skank a slut. I notice most of you might just be intelligent, witty people— who truly enjoy the masturbatory (not to mention mentally questionable) action of shitting all over another human being who merely needs to vent. Are you just a bunch of poor souls who think everyone needs to believe the -exact- same thing as you do? Why not get offline and get a girlfriend/boyfriend/fuck buddy/pet/part-time job/education? Seriously, I promise, there is more to life than shitting on another person. If you don't think there is more to life than shitting on another person, why not get paid for it? Scheisse porn, people. It must be so embarrassing for all you Rumpelstiltskins out there, having your name guessed, flying into a rage and pulling yourself apart at the seams like you do all the time.