When I found the apartment I ended up renting from you, I was so excited – it was the only affordable one that I could find in North Portland. What wasn't so exciting was a week later, when I was at the gym and I had to stop running, because my lungs were burning and I had severe chest pain. It only got worse over the course of the next month that I lived in your toxic ass building, where it actually HURT TO BREATHE. I eventually had so much trouble breathing that I couldn't even ride my bike, which is especially obnoxious because that's the way I got around town. The only friend that I had over during the month I lived there had an asthma attack after only being in the apartment for an hour, and they are not asthmatic! I moved out, and you repeatedly refused to give me my deposit back. I went to your office with thirty-four people, and demanded that you return it. You did mail me a check for a full deposit refund, included a letter that assured me that you help “the elderly and artists” have affordable apartments, AND THEN YOU CANCELLED THE CHECK! I had to pay a cancel check fee, am having severe respiratory problems six months after moving out, and still can't ride my bike or exercise. I don't have health insurance, and the bills are stacking up. To my old landlord and his accompanying “art community”: I assure you that I am an elderly artist, now give me back my $500 so I can pay for the health care I need to recover from renting an apartment from you!