We were driving home after work last week- it was a crazy day, and we had a larger SUV STUFFED with a Vespa project that we're stoked to be working on. We stopped at the NE 15th/Fremont intersection & waited for the light. You, dirty ass, pulled up to our right & waited. Must be turning right- there's only one lane & there's a parked car immediately in front of us after he light. When we get the green light we go forward- AND REALIZE YOU'RE DUMB ASS IS GOING TO TRY TO PASS ON ON THE RIGHT ON A 1 LANE STREET, WITH PARKED CARS. We both screamed because we thought you would either slam in to our door or the parked car coming up. You shouted "I'm going faster than you!" WHAT. No. We even stopped to avoid a collision & you never stood a chance at passing. Anyway, we were driving 30 in a 25 with speed bumps- how fast were YOU planning on going? DON'T BE AN IDIOT. I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR DUMB ASS' DEATH BECAUSE YOU FELT LIKE LOOKING COOL. Also, wear a real helmet & something better than a tank top. I hope you get in a mild wreck that totals your bike & scrapes up your arm. You're a menace.