kill (or better, recycle) your television


Now THIS, THIS is an I, Anonymous rant! I'm gonna get behind this one with a hearty endorsement! Who are the fools out there that think they can put a "free" sign on a piece of shit behemoth monitor or TV and that it will magically go away? These idiots are everywhere. Up here in Seattle the city has started taking out advertising on the sides of buses and billboards educating these fucktards on how to dispose of this shit. Here's the website referenced on those ads:

There's gotta be an equivalent in Portland.....find the website, write it down and tape it to this idiot neighbor's front door. He'll get the hint.

Oh, and "giant assed 1980's pantydropper" -- CLASSIC!
^^^^ Way to jerk off over your own letter. Why not just paste some ASCII art of you sucking your own cock, that way you can REALLY emphasize just how amazing and "CLASSIC!" your super duper brilliant rant was.
Donate it to a hillbilly family in Columbia so they can use it for target practice up in them there hills. It's eco-friendly if it's outdoors, isn't it?