Single people of Portland: Young and Old, Alternative or Jock, pay heed!

To be attractive to the opposite sex please and apply to your thought process and realize that one man's(or ladies)meat is another's poison.

Can you just:

Have a job, or just an independent source of income.
Have something you are passionate about. (anything, really)
Don't front. In the town of niche culture, people can smell a poser a miiiile away.
HAVE YOUR OWN PLACE. Alone. By yourself. Not with 9 roommates.
Be KIND. There isn't enough courtesy in the Portland dating scene. If you're not into it, politely let the person know. Even a text will suffice.

And finally, stop having ridiculous expectations. People are people, accept that.

Does that work? Probably not.

Also, stop being alcoholics, That really helps.