-The new “entry level” jobs mean you must have at least three years experience doing a similar job or only one year if you have your Masters (basically saying “fuck you” to new grads).

-No, I don’t have previous experience working in a museum or speak Spanish. But I did have plenty of classes about statistical analysis. I guess I wasn’t good enough to get an interview for an $11.50/hr job as your evaluation assistant. Good luck on your second attempt at posting that job.

-If you are going to post a job and include “must have excellent writing skills” You might want to double check your own posting for spelling and grammatical errors. There are way too many job postings that I see that do not bother to make sure that there are no mistakes.

-When I come in for an interview, please have the decency to let me know that I did not get the job. I took the time out of my work day to come in and talk to you. I wish I could take back my thank you letter.

-When you do give me a rejection letter, please do not start off by telling me that how you received so many qualified applications and unfortunately I was not one of them.

-Hey temp agency, I contacted you to see if a decision was made on the job that I interviewed for. You ignored me, then I got an email saying that I “may or may not have known” that I was being considered for a job recently and that I was not selected. I think that when I went to the interview I knew I was being considered for the job.

Fuck this shit.