To the complete piece of human garbage who punched me in the face at the Girl Talk concert at Pioneer Square during Musicfest NW. What the fuck is your problem? Do you roll out of bed in the morning and think to yourself 'I'm going to find a place where tons and tons of people are having fun, and then I'm going to ruin that fun for as many people as I can'?!?! You were harassing everyone around you, mostly girls, and when you started yelling and coming at my 15 year old brother I had to tell you to step the fuck off, and you seriously punched me in the face? The most disgusting part of this whole thing is the fact that you're at least 45 years old. What the fuck is a 40-something year old dude doing drunk and alone at a fucking Girl Talk concert? I'm only 21 and I still kind of felt like a creep being surrounded by 16 year old girls at that show. You are the worst kind of person I have ever encountered, and if I ever see you try and pick on anyone, especially someone who's 25+ years younger than you, I will fucking kick your ass like I should have after you punched me in the face.