No, this has nothing to do with dog shit. It has to do with you taking your rage out on your poor dogs. I can't count the number of times per day I see this scenario: walking your dog on a leash, dog pauses to sniff something, so you YANK their leash and the dog comes flying off the ground as you don't miss a stride. Or how about when your small dog starts barking at someone else's small dog, so you quickly sweep your dog up into your arms and give it a very firm (read aggro) shake. Then you look at me and shake your head with the look of "ugh, dogs are so terrible, AM I RIGHT?!" No, you're wrong and your actions are gross.

I'm sure accusations of sexism will be leveled at me but I NEVER see guys doing this to their dogs in this area. It's always those aggro, bitchy, yoga pant wearing blondes who are violently yanking and tossing their dogs around.

I know, since this is the Pearl we're talking about, that your dog is nothing more than a fashion accessory because you can't commit to an actual child, but please don't project your cuntiness onto the dog just because you forgot to DVR the Real Housewives or because cars didn't stop when they had a green to let your entitled ass cross. What's the rush? Your shortcomings are no fault of the dog, so try to at least pretend you're human.