What the F@&%!? You gave the ‘letter of the week’ award to some paranoid semi-femi-Nazi???!!!?
I have half a mind (believe me, HALF a mind is all that‘s left) to return my well-earned 2003 letter of the week award, relatively honestly earned by exposing your Seattle-based editor as a lap-dog for George Bush, et al.. Since when have images of naked breasts, whether in mid-jump or languidly lolling, been divorced from Rock and Roll?
Oh, yeah, I am sure that 20 or 30 repressed, angry, sex-less female shithead Portlandia types are up in arms over nipples in the alternative press. Are you fucking kidding me???!!!???!!!
Note to who ever awarded that twit for her pathetically backwards, regressive and sexually parochial letter, “Get a job on the Romney campaign, because your mind is closed, and you have little hope of redemption.”
No, but really, it’s all good . . . .
Jesus, bitches, grow a pair.