Oh yeah... Occupy


Here are the people who are going to vote for Obama this year:

I said it a year ago, conflicting goals aside, a leaderless movement can't last.
This really was not hard to predict when you leave a movement up to ineffectual and overly ideological and idealistic people who protested and physically harmed...a nice park in Portland.

They wanted a revolution when most people want to see more political, business, and economic accountability.

On the other end of the stick, the Tea Party got some people together, protested vociferously (but followed park rules), and got actual people elected to office without the drug overdoses and destruction.

Occupy whined a lot, vandalized businesses and parks, blocked streets with illegal protests and was overall a degenerate party scene that pissed many people, including socially liberal people.

I think the Tea Party Express is a bunch of right-wing nut jobs -- which they are -- but compared to Occupy, they look like responsible people.
The Tea Party is also bankrolled by the Koch brother billionaires. You put a fuck-ton of money behind any idea and it's magically legitimate and sustainable.

Oh get real, good ideas don't need money, and this is just a blatantly cop out statement. It's much easier to blame the Koch brothers and "the system, man" than accept the fact that Occupy was a bifurcated group from the beginning that finally succumbed to its own internal problems and/or lack of an overall goal.

Occupy could have stuck to the 1% argument, no more and no less, throw in a few galvanizing social issues that the group could rally around and run a bare-bones, volunteer / donation-based campaign and got some extreme left-wing people elected into office just like the tea baggers did for the right wing.

Instead they went more towards the direction of dysfunction -- somehow believing that destruction is somehow creation.
They took over Gotham City for, like, six months. Then their leader was killed by a cat burglar on a motorcycle and the whole thing went to shit.
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