I am sorry that I did this to you. I know you told me that you did not want a baby; that you were just a student and were going to go back to your country in a couple of months. We had always used a condom, except that one night that I cajoled you into reaching another level of intimacy with me. I promised you that I would take the morning-after pill, and you believed me, but I was lying to you. You see, you had all the qualities I was looking for; I wanted your genes. You are tall, highly intelligent, extremely attractive, funny, and an all-around good person. We stopped fooling around and speaking to each other a couple of weeks ago, so I do not know how to tell you that I am pregnant. I know you will be going back to your country in a few weeks, and I probably will not end up telling you, as I know it might ruin your bright future. I have the resources to take care of our future baby myself, and will not be asking you for anything. Hopefully one day, I will let you know and let you meet our son or daughter if you want to; but for now, I will live with this scarlet letter. All I can say is that I am sorry.