I know rants about TriMet come a dime a dozen (and you recently published some awesome t-met nightmare stories), but here's one more for good measure:

Dear Fellow TriMet rider -

When a train is crowded and an older man with a cane asks for the 'senior citizen/disabled' seat you are sitting in it is expected you give that seat up with a gracious attitude. You looked him up and down, arguing why you don't need to move. Then he asked if you were an 'honored citizen'. That was his nice way of saying, "You're obviously younger, in good health, and could deal with standing better than me." So you gave up your seat but carried on for at least ten minutes complaining to your friends and making fun of his 'honored citizen' status as he quietly sat by. To top it off you arrogantly asked a passing TriMet police officer what defined an 'honored citizen' and accused the man of raising his cane at you to get you to move. Ok, I was just a 'mind my own business observer' but now I had to speak up to the officer in defense of the man. Then you want to come at me with attitude and say you get 'no love' on the train because you're black? My dear, this had nothing to do with the color of your beautiful skin and everything to do with your horrible attitude, self-centered behavior, and general lack of courtesy to others in the community.

All this social ugliness could have been easily avoided had you simply been more considerate and showed some compassion to others on the train.