Guess what I got in the mail! You've been measured, sliced and diced, thrown in the fire, grilled, and served. Now- (Turn postcard over) Have a burrito on us.

Yep. That's the way this company thought they should tell their prospective employees that they were denied for employment.

Where is the joke? So I didn't get their min+tips job. Fine, fair enough. But this postcard is so inappropriate. I put time and energy into the interview process and I don't need the consolatory prize of a free burrito. Does the company really expect me to walk into their establishment and show my denial of employment for a burrito? It's humiliating. They could have saved postmark and just sent me the obligatory email of "thanks, but no thanks" just like how I sent the email "Hey, I know it wasn't an awesome interview, here is my last ditch effort, thanks for the time". I don't appreciate being mocked.