Otherwise known as Portland Corporate College, look I am one of your fucking success stories, got my associates and moved on to my bachelors. when getting my associates I got good grades paid, cash, on time and was a supporter of your corporation. Years later, as a single mom, doing OK, I got screwed by you, corporate style as a result of using a public library computer. I was falsely signed up for a class (which I don't need, did not sing up for and, obviously, NEVER attended) because YOUR system is NOT secure. The only reason I found out was from a records request. I jumped through your hoops for 6 months afterward and the "petition panel" decided I owed the $500 for the class. (the class was NOT full, so my name was NOT taking a seat.) I pleaded, I pointed to my past years-long relationship with your school I told you about my unemployed situation and begged for "community." What did you give in return? Corporation.