Hey Local Coffee Shop!


A coffee shop that caters to motorcyclists? What? Where?

Please don't confuse real motorcyclists with the bastardized cafe-riding hipster lot that so plague this town.
The name of that place always reminds me of a bad James Cagney impersonation.
There is a motorcycle coffee shop? I used to live next to Santa Fe on NW 23rd ave and they always had huge groups of motorcyclists there and I have to say it made the spot intolerable. The upper-class motorcycle crowd is fucking terrible.
here? http://www.seeseemotorcycles.com/
website seems pretty dooshy.
I was assuming this was the Starbuck's on 23rd, but certainly it may be any number of coffee shops. It's just that place has what seems like more dentists-who-own-a-Harley than any other coffee joint I've seen.
I made the mistake one day of admiring a custom painted helmet on display at the aforementioned establishment. The grievous faux pas? Not already being infinitely familiar with the local "artist" in question.

That places tries WAY to hard to be something it most definitely is not.
Maybe the coffee shop has a Waaaaah-puccino you can sip on ya daisy. Perhaps they even have a punch card for you.
Posted by stjohnsrules on 10/05/2012 at 10:43 AM

Or maybe you just need a hot steamy cup of shut the fuck up.
Narc narc narc. Seriously, fuck those guys.
Oh its a total hipster cluster fuck. That explains a lot. I wonder if real motorcycle enthusiasts stop by and scare the piss out of these flannel loving douche bags.
@Paint Huffington, no but it would be funny