I get it. You love your dog. I have kids so I'll even go so far as to say I can understand why you can't see how fucking annoying and inconsiderate you are being when you drag your dog everywhere you go. But for fuck's sake do you really need to take your dog into a bar with you? What for? If your dog needs attention, give it attention! I didn't come to the bar to give your dog attention. Much like I don't go to Chuck E. Cheese if I don't want to be surrounded by kids. More to the point, I'm at the god damn bar because I would like a brief respite from both kids AND dogs and the people who are helping these little beings through life. I don't dislike dogs, but I loathe you for making me hear them bark, yip, whine... and then to top it all off your dogs love to huff crotch, too. Really?? That's funny?! Fuck you, mother fucker! Letting your dog hoove everybody's junk is ridiculous, and laughing about it makes you a piece of dogshit.