Physically Assaulted by Restaurant Owner!


#1: If the Groupon is expired, don't expect the restaurant to honor it. Really, it is your responsibility to use it in a timely fashion and not burden the restaurant with a deal they are no longer participating in.

#2: If you are in a large group of people sorting out a complicated bill, do NOT add in an expired coupon and an argument of fine print and terms. This is unfair to the server, who is already stressed by your absurd request to split an 11 person ticket and process a half dozen separate tabs.

#3: You are probably a liar, or, at best, an exxagerator. Was the owner REALLY threatening to kill your boyfriend in front of dozens of witnesses? Did you and your boyfriend REALLY do nothing (besides the two aforementioned--and thoroughly idiotic--actions listed above) to provoke the owner?

#4: And I quote, "Our table’s tab had to have been over $500 all together, so arguing over the $25 seemed like a waste of energy." Yeah. Exactly right. This entire hyperbolic tirade could have been avoided if you followed your own pertinent and reasonable advice.

Good luck.
Super glue pennies to the table next time. That'll teach em. Better pay cash when you do it.
If this story was true you would've submitted it non-anonymously to somewhere like the Food Dude or a reputable portland restaurant source who has tackled situations like this in the past. Your letter reads way too tilted in your favor, as though the mere mention of Groupon resulted in the owner ripping his Hulkamania tanktop in half, climbing to the top turnbuckle and doing a legdrop on your boyfriends dick. It just seems like a lot is missing from this story. And if you stick by your story, why didn't you report it somewhere? If the man assaulted your boyfriend why didn't you call the police? It doesn't add up.
You sound like a horrible person. It's crazy what some people will do to get out of paying their tab.
You, your boyfriend and the other people in your group. All pussies.
This never happened.
What is this, fuckin' Yelp? Also, you're a dipshit and I'd relish in watching this unfold on you -- sorry I missed it. If I was the owner I woulda kicked your ass out "Hollywood-style", with the door flinging open and you and being thrown onto the sidewalk, flat on your face.
Yes, YOU arguing over an expired $25 coupon was indeed a waste of energy.

Also: If the owner of the restaurant had done half of what you claimed transpired,( specifically the physical assault on your boyfriend) you would have called the police, judging by your implied douche factor.

I won't even touch the "we weren't allowed to pay our portion of the bill" bullshit.

You people are complete idiots.
If this is real, post the name of the restaurant. Otherwise, I think you're Queen of Bullshit Mountain.
I think Geo took care of this one. In a group of 11 and one restaurant owner gets physical... There must have been at least 3 other gentleman in your group who pussed out and didn't help because: 1. you are full of shit and deserved this or 2. you are all a bunch of bitches who fear any confrontation. If you grab me by the neck as an adult, I will hit you int he face despite whether you promptly kick my ass afterward. Expect to be hit in the face at least one time.
The groupon is clear, the business owner who takes advantage of that service must honor the face value of the groupon.
On top of everything else that's been posted; IF your friends "were stuck paying the remaining $251 tab!" couldn't you have just settled up with them when they left the restaurant? I imagine that the whole $251 dollars wasn't your part of the tab. Also,you said that part of the tab had been paid and people had left already, but you stated this was all happening right after you began to split the bill, so that doesn't match up either. And how does it help for "everyone to know that the owner did this to us" if no one even knows the name of the place. I'm with the others, I call bullsh*t
Um, OP, you are wrong about groupon. The amount you paid never expires WITH GROUPON, not with the merchant. Once the deal's expired, it's done. So the amount paid goes back to your groupon account for you to use on another deal, but restaurant dude was correct not to accept it for his place. Also, you're trashy as all get out.
@Falafelstomper & marsupial: No. expired Groupons are still redeemable AT THE MERCHANT for the value the purchaser paid. From the fine print at the bottom of every Groupon I've ever seen:
"If not redeemed by the discount voucher expiration date, this Groupon will continue to have a redemption value equal to the amount you paid ($XX) at the named merchant for the period specified by applicable law."
There's more fine print, but I thought this was a commonly understood part of how Groupons were set up to work. If the merchant refuses, then I guess one would approach Groupon to request a credit for the purchase amount, but I've never had that happen personally.
"Squeezing Aggressively!" needs to become the new thing we say around here.
Yes, rich, along with "cowering in horror, understandably very confused."
As well as, apropos of nothing, "Rectal thermometer!"
The headline on this IA should have read:

"Stupid bitch and loser friends trys ripping off restaurant - ends up getting owned."
I feel like there is something you aren't telling us. You must have been the most obnoxious fucks this person has had to deal with in ages.
People who use Groupon suck. Also, you wanted the bill split HOW many ways?? jesus fucking christ, are you in high school? You should not be allowed in restaurants.
Yes, this story stinks and is clearly missing some key details outside of "We ran up a $500 bill and then I tried to haggle with an expired coupon." And yet I have zero problems believing that a restaurant owner could be a violent psychopath.