My best friend in high school and I were idiots and we did a lot of stupid things, merely for a selfish laugh. We didn't drink or do drugs, we just lived in a world all our own and the people in it were simply extras in our movie. Among the many pranks we conducted, one has stuck with me all of these years, for I am quite ashamed of it. This one time, at the local mall, we decided it would be hilarious to take a dump, not in the toilet, but ON the toilet. I was the only one who could muster up something, so I was the one who left it on the seat. We thought it best to compensate the janitor, so we lodged a quarter into the pile and scribbled a quick note that read, "For your troubles". I can't imagine the rage that the janitor felt once he found our gift. How humiliating, right? I'm ashamed of that act and If I could take it back, I would. It was stupid and immature of me and if that janitor perhaps ended up retiring in Portland, maybe he'll read this and maybe he'll forgive me. Probably not.