I think the more reasonable people among us will agree to the following:

A. Some drivers are assholes.

B. Some cyclists are assholes.

C. Some pedestrians are assholes.

D. Actually, a good percentage of the human population is just comprised of assholes.

So, in light of this, can we move on? In fact, here is a list of cliches that are just "so Portland!" that we can put them to rest right now - feel free to add your own:

first world problems
transportation (SERIOUSLY)
the weather
being more P.C. (i.e. holier) than thou
whimsical facial hair and everything else that comes with the VERY well tread hipster territory
Generation X (though they do, indeed suck)

I like following this blog for the trolls. Not that you guys are the best or smartest trolls, but goddamnit, you're my LOCAL trolls! Get back to ragging on each other, or complain about something that doesn't ever get old, like how lame and cape-wearing Reedies can be, am I right?

Much love and fuck you all,