I almost bought some Crack last night. I walked out of the bar drunk, of course and was headed to the pizza place around the corner. I needed something in my cut, cuz my vision was starting to fail and my brain was swimming in booze. As I approached the corner in which I was to turn, two guys were standing in shadows having an animated discussion. The closer I got, I realized that one man had a bag of Crack and was dishing out a few rocks to the other man. The man getting his Crack, was encouraging the dealer to give him ever more. As I passed and turned the corner, I reminisced on my smoking of the Crack years ago and, to my surprise, my heart started to race. I entered the pizza place, stood in line for a minute and thought, fuck it. I ran across the street to the ATM, grabbed $40 and headed back to the aforementioned corner. On my way, I was figuring out how I was going to make a pipe, for I haven't made one in years. "Now, what min-mart did I see those little roses they sell in glass tubes at? Oh, and Chore-Boy cooper scouring pads? No problem, most mini-marts sell them" I made it to the corner and they were gone. The rush I felt subsided and I began to think what a fucking loser I am. I got too drunk and actually almost bought some Crack. What. The. Fuck.