To the douchebag who STOLE one of my Obama-Biden bumper stickers off the back of my parked car at Gateway Fred Myer Wednesday afternoon (and DEFACED the other one), wow...way to represent YOUR "side"!

So let me get this straight; you feel somehow entitled to exercise YOUR free speech and express your political opinion by infringing on MINE?

No matter how much I may disagree with your political views (completely) or how big of an IDIOT I may think you are (off the charts), I would NEVER feel I had the right to VANDALIZE or STEAL your property.

That angrily defaced sticker sums up so much about you and the political demographic you affiliate with-it will remain on my car, now communicating more about YOU than it does about ME (and where my other one was, my large round OBAMA 'fridge magnet will ride...and be REMOVED and put on the dashboard whenever I park, to keep it safe from assholes like you.)

I saw plenty of this crap back in Texas durng the Bush campaigns (vandalized stickers and vehicles, stolen yard signs, even road-rage towards Democrat/Liberal drivers) but this is PORTLAND, for fuck's sake!

Your kind aren't welcome here.