To Doubler Decker PDX with the big red bus, not sure what that was with the busload of homophobic, anti-semitic frat assholes at the Chevron around 11:50pm Saturday night. The anti-semitic Asian guy who couldn't hold his liquor was especially intriguing. Apparently you pulled over the guys could pile out and use the single bathroom in the convenience store? I told the clerk he ought to make everyone buy a fucking item, since the restroom is for CUSTOMERS, and he agreed, then your riders tried to pick a fight with other convenience store customers. An angry Asian man named "Sam" told me I was Jewish (I'm not, but it doesn't fucking matter) and wanted to fight me. He ran across the parking lot to challenge me. Thank you, Double Decker, for reminding me I need to start carrying my blade again. :) By the way, Double Decker PDX, "We don't control our customers" isn't a valid response WHATSOEVER. I don't know if you knew this but you're on Yelp. Oh, and thanks for reminding me why I used to carry a knife. I think I'll start again.