I had a party last month and some of my friends brought over cocaine. I don't do hard drugs, but didn't mind that they did, I stuck with beer and pot. The next day, when I was cleaning up, I found some of the cocaine they did on the counter. Don't fucking ask me why, since I've never done hard drugs, but I decided to try it. I still don't know why, maybe it was because they all seemed to having such a great time. I have seen enough people do it, so I knew how to snort it... and I did. It made me do something that I had never done, nor ever want to do again. It made me so fucking horny I couldn't believe it. So, I hopped into my bed with my lube and starting going for it. A few minutes in, I realized that I couldn't come and the overwhelming desire to stick my finger up my ass came across me. I lubed up my fingers, slide them inside of me and continued to masturbate. I came minutes later and it was amazing. I also came down off the coke and once I realized what I had done, I felt completely guilty. I've never done anything like that before, and I don't know where that desire came from. Now, I'm feeling dirty, ashamed and even more guilty. Cocaine IS a helluva drug, I guess... a drug I will NEVER do again. By the way, this is our little secret, ok?