Waste of Energy


Obviously fake I,A.
Nice try... I guess.
Obviously fake? This is Portland, this is like 70% of the women. :/ And to Anon: pussyfunk is not fun -- good lordy is it not fun.
I think it is fake. Where is this "hippie" coming into contact with a CEO enough to develop this attitude? And I love your 70% figure, did you just pull that out of your ass? 70%, eh? Uh... ok.
Ok, fine, 71%
amerigo is right -- it's more like 61%.

and real hippies know how to spell patchouli.
Fucking dirty hippie.
It's been a long time since I actually laughed out loud to something on the internet. Thanks IA!
dirty hippie dirty hippie dirty hippie dirty hippie.

Did I mention "dirty hippie?"

P.S. Wash you nasty snatch.
Less B.O. and more patchouli, please. Thanks to Bull Run we can spare enough water for you to wash your pits once in a while.

Also, try sandalwood sometime.
Yeah, this is something folks don't understand. We have plenty of water here. Really. We sometimes let our lawns go brown during the summer, but otherwise we have no need to conserve water. It falls from the sky, you see.

Whether we wash our clothes, run the "benson bubblers" or flush a whole reservoir after some dirty hippy pees in it, there is ZERO impact on the availability of water elsewhere in the world. So stop smoking the pot, anonymous, and read a fucking book.
Whoa there, slow down a minute. IA didn't mention smoking pot. Let's keep it relevant, please. I smoke pot, but can still take the occasional shower and write a coherent sentence. You should be glad I'm a pot smoker, as it means you're far less likely to ever come into contact with me, due to my hermitish ways. I certainly don't deal with the general public enough for them to have any real awareness of my cleanliness or motivation levels.

Also, reading books while high is fun! You should try it.
"I think you smell like privilege and corruption."

IA, you smell like a fucking bored teenager in a rich country. And because you actually stink like filth to the rest of us, your "privilege" is viscerally offensive.

go get your dr bronner on in a creek, you stank-ass baby, then grow up.
Here's the thing. You stink of patchouli. Thee most rankest. Why do you feel we need to smell that smell?

Solution: Manpon
Smelling like shit is not something to be proud of. Respect yourself enough to have good hygiene. There are plenty of level headed people in this world that have an environmental conscience, without, for some bizarre reason, feeling the need to go without washing...your ignorance shows IA and you are embarrassing yourself.
Even rats clean themselves you dirty, disease-carrying hippie.
As a matter of fact, I'd like to see a hippie chew through a lead-pipe or a cinderblock. Or tread water for 4 hours.
shut up you fucking hippie.
No, you're an embarrassment to yourself, ConflictArtist, posting with 4 different accounts, and responding with an anonymous when you don't have the balls to do it up front.
Oh, Brah-Vo!

This could very well be the best fake troll I, A I've ever read.

Just the right amount of bitter condescension and self righteous indignation to follow up the near afterthought lesbian angle.

Just top notch, really.
Leaky, I only have this account and I rarely ever post anymore...so whomever is getting under your skin it isn't me...
I think Leaky assumes that there could only be one troll who shamelessly mocks his idiocy. He is incorrect. There are many, unaffiliated trolls who hate him.
Please don't come near me on public transportation. Thanks!
I live like the future doesn't exist. CARPE DIEM.
Patchouli = The smell of dirt mixed with ripe ferret.

Why people think that shit smells remotely not like shit is beyond me.
@ LeakySucks, Ikr...last year I was mocking his idiocy and he tried to get me back, failing miserably. I ended up trolling him so hard that he threatened to sue me for picking on him- true story. And yet he still hasn't learned his lesson...
@confict - He's a great target cause all you have to do is piss him off a little and he makes fun of himself!
No I don't! Where you think I got this new nickname from, the 7-11? It's literarurature which is more than I can say from both of you.
Haha, "literarurature"! Nice!

You see, conflictartist, I can't make this shit up! Why mock him when I can bait him into making a mockery of himself??
All I can say is wow...That really just happened right?