I have just been fired, for no better reason other than I was new to the job. I was the newest concierge at one of the newest green buildings in Portland, the all glass one. I had to be screened, drug checked and background checked to get the job and pass a typing test. Also a psych test. I was very happy getting the job and looked forward to going to work everyday. I had never done this kind of work before. I knew 1-5 people who lived at the building I worked, did not like me, for various reasons. But the other 200 tenants, seemed to like me just fine. Now I'm called into the office and fired. They cite no real definite reason, other than a few complaints.
And that I kept forgetting to put up the,"I've gone to lunch" sign. I have only been at this job for 3 weeks, my first week was training. Which really, there wasnt any.
Now I'm jobless and looking at ending up on the streets.
Thanks rich people, for being such bitchy winy assholes.
I'm sorry I had to be introduced to your world of falsehood and microcosm of existence. Living in your glass walled tomb, absent from reality is exactly what you deserve. TheBoyWithTheMadnessScooter