Sorry, The Black Guy Won...Again


Not to put too fine a point on it, but fuck 'em.
I currently reside in West Texas and have voted Democrat/Green Party in the last two presidential elections. I am surrounded by evangelical Christian hypocrites that for my entire life said Mormonism was a cult. Until now. Now it is okay because a Mormon is going to kick that old homosexual-loving, mixed-race muslim man out of the White House. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. God Bless America, LGBTs, Women and most of all Latinos!!!!! There is actually hope for this country after all.
Why make friends with horrible people like that in the first place? (You could probably add "sexist" and "transphobic" to that list too.)
What exactly has Obama done for black people?

Yeah. It's all whitey's fault.
A lot of my family is still very homophobic, racist and somewhat uneducated, as are some of the people I went to school with. A lot of them continuously regurgitate Faux News talking points and Teabagger idiocies on Facebook all day long. I just have their feeds blocked to avoid any potential brain damage.
Somehow I doubt you were the picture of FB camaraderie in the period leading up to, and then just after, the election if your friends are ditching you. I'm picturing your timeline as lame memes, links to HuffPost, and excessive gloating on Nov. 7.
Hey guilty, what has Allen West ever done for black people? Oh, that's right, he lost. That was a good thing for all people.
I assume that all of your are ready to trade your liberty for the tokens that Obama will bestow on you. You have yet to realize, however, that with Socialism (yes Obama is a registered Socialist, supported by the Communist Party of the USA) your God will be the State and you will be servants of the state, nothing more. Once you relinquist that power over to the State, you will have no word in the affairs thereof; you property rights will be reduced, your right to move about the country will be reduced and your right to work extra hours to make more money will be reduced.
How foolish it is that those with the minds of children will choose immediate gratification over the long term enjoyments of freedom and liberty.
I pity you.
Obama is centrist democrat; he's more republican than Romney; Romney is more socialist than Obama.

You're a fucking idiot, David M.
Yeah, you know what this "enlightened echo-chamber of a burg" got a few days after the election?

Our ONLY progressive/left-leaning talk radio station (KPOJ) was suddenly switched to an all sports format (of which we already have 3). The owners (whose other stations carry only RIGHT-Wing talk and news) cited poor ratings and low transmission capability. Yeah, right.

Bottom line, it was PUNISHMENT and RETALIATION for the re-election of President Obama. I guess they 1. couldn't stand to allow us to gloat 2. figured they could prevent such a "disaster" again by shutting down progressive commentary on our air-waves.

So now, like so many other areas of the country with as many or more liberals than right-wingers, our only options for talk radio/news radio are Clear-Channel with their Fox News feed and Limbaugh et al block deals for local affiliates.

Not a reflection of the views of the majority, just propaganda spread via corporate monopoly.