A suggestion for business owners who wish to appear "bike friendly" by installing custom made, decorative bike racks outside of their businesses: Try testing the rack for functionality before investing. I'm convinced that most of these racks are made by people who have never attempted to lock a bike to anything, or wish to see all bikes reduced to sad dismantled frames, rusting in the rain, chain hanging dejected where the back wheel used to be.

Those of us who ride bikes like to be able to fit the u-lock though a wheel as well as the frame, but most of these designs are either too awkward/burly/poorly thought out to have bikes properly locked to them, or to be remotely efficient in how many bikes can fit on them.

You know what makes a great bike rack? Those basic "staple" style racks which the city will install for free if you request one.That's right! It's free AND functional! It might not be shaped like a bike or some shit, but I'm pretty sure that most of us who use it don't give a fuck about what it looks like as long as it works.