Listen..I appreciate the gesture. I really do.But Every year I end up with a ton of "homemade"gifts.And I fucking can't stand them.Listen..any knitted scarves or hats I won't wear.They look only wear them because they look dumb and "homey".Also I would rather not eat jellies and other preserves made in your kitchen..I know you and yore a slob.And you can keep your infused boozes for yourself...I have enough of a headache pretending to be excited when you give me this crap.. Because when you give them to me I have to create this entire story of liking them..or why I'm not wearing them.This crap is forcing me to lie. So...unless you can whip up a copy of Black Ops or a sweet digital camera or something..go ahead and just wish me a happy holidays.Save us both the trouble. Thanks.