Maybe you've seen it by now. The hideous structure made of green painted plywood and what appear to be play structure parts which has appeared at E Burnside and MLK. For weeks I've been driving past it going "Jesus, what the fuck IS it, and more importantly WHY is it?"

Well I googled it, and I guess it's supposed to be art. I'm kind of curious as to the approval process that goes into erecting a public eyesore... I'm hoping that its time with us will be cut short due to the stupidity of making an outdoor sculpture in Portland with plywood, but we might just have to watch it rot until it's labeled a safety hazard and torn down.

I think what bothers me more than the ugliness of the piece itself is that if you look at the artist's blog, it appears that a LOT of time and planning went into this abomination. I thought I might find some answers there as to why its so damn ugly (maybe it's supposed to be telling of the human condition or some shit) but no. Just some bragging about the computer programs and engineering skill that went into making something so completely unattractive and without function.

I did learn this though: It's green because OMG go Timbers!!