I am a door-to-door canvasser who works full-time for a non-profit organization. I noticed that you have a “No Soliciting” sign posted, so even though I am not selling anything and am actually working on behalf of the public interest, which includes you, I did not knock on your door while I was working in your neighborhood recently.
I did, however, want to leave you with this message to let you know that when you donate to a canvasser who comes to your door, you are not merely giving money to an organization; you are making a political statement about the issue at hand.
Someone who writes a check for $100 to support something that they weren’t thinking about five minutes ago is making one hell of a political statement about the issue at hand.
You can always support any organization financially through its website. But a website can’t knock on your door and disturb you in the middle of dinner in order to prove a point.
Democracy demands participation. If we are to maintain a civilized, democratic society, we must be willing to take our civic duty beyond the voting poll and bring it into our day-to-day lives.
I don’t know you, but if you are someone who is concerned with decisions that are made without your vote, then I encourage you (in fact I implore you) to consider removing your sign and allowing what may come.
Doing so means that from time to time you may encounter those who have agendas you disagree with. But at least you will have had the opportunity t