So, you might have at least some good sense to have legalized marijuana in November 2012, but that doesn't even begin to make up for the simple fact that people with WA license plates drive like complete shit! Even prior to legalizing pot, y'all have consistently driven like you're stoned to the flippin' bone!

Every time I'm behind a driver committing horrible and unlawful acts, it never ceases to amaze me that the plates bear your fucked up claim-to-fame...that you're from, wait for it...WASHINGTON STATE!

Speeding, weaving, inconsiderate juking and generally driving like assholes is your M.O. and we all know it! Regardless of what the reasons might be, I only know for sure that the only worse drivers sharing our roads hail from Cerritos or Grden Grove, California (ones who hail from the far east and don't speak in the plural form!)

All that aside, please, our friendly neighbors to the north, I beg of you: Follow the fucking rules of the roads we all share OR stay on your own damn side of the Columbia River! Welcome to Oregon, but if you drive like an asshole, go the fuck home...unless you're coming here to share some of your newly legalized weed!!!