It really amazes me that someone have enough free time and little concern elsewhere that they are willing to invest and create something dedicated to bringing Radiohead to play in Portland, crowdsourced, Amanda Palmer style. Not only are you delusional enough to think this is going to work, but you are also delusional enough to decide how much tickets are going to cost. Yes, you are not raising money as a "general financial backer," you are under the assumption that you already know how much the tickets will be without a venue, actual organizer, or even if Radiohead (or I) give a fuck enough to care how desperate you are to see them. That's right, Thom Yorke's probably doing some Atoms For Peace type shit, and your so bummed you didn't shuffle your lazy ass up to Seattle to see them last spring that you decided to pander other people at their places of work, asking me to put money towards seeing stupid fucking Radiohead, during the financially stressful Christmas, as if I actually fucking liked Radiohead (I don't). What scares me more than you asking for money towards a completely dilapidated cause is that there's probably enough stupid people in this city willing to finance this. Please people, do not waste probable money or expensive gloss paper on flyers and handbills while acting like your championing the greatest cause that the average Portlander can really get behind. And fuck, if you want to go see music there's only about 100 other (better) bands here to see.