When you walk into a coffee shop and see a line, do you cut in front of everyone and go to the front of the line to order? No? Well guess what asshole? That's exactly what you did when you walked into a coffee shop, saw that there was a line, and placed your belongings on an empty table before taking your place at the end of said line. And don't think that your actions somehow escaped notice. I saw you as you looked around to see if anyone would notice taking one of the only empty tables (a window seat to boot!) before shuffling your lazy ass to the end of the line. Something must be done to crack down on this kind of behavior. The next time you see this happening, put on your best Larry David impersonation and politely ask them if they would like to cut in front of you. When they get that puzzled look just let them know that since they've already claimed a table, it is pointless for them to wait in line with everyone else. Regulation through public shaming may be the only way to curb this epidemic of rude behavior.