I work in a dessert shop in SE, where our average sale is $7.90, and we skip and jump at $10 in tips at the end of a shift. A month or two ago, someone from "The cast and crew of.." The name now escapes me, you know that great satirical show about Portland? Anyway, came into my work and spent $110 on big, intricate cakes for their party. My poor co-worker was so star struck and excited to make these cakes for her Stumptownia heroes, expecting Fred (Armstrong?) himself to come pick them up and leave her an autographed wad of Washingtons in the tip jar. The sad reality, of course, was an angry-looking peon who left us a big pile of jack squat and broken dreams on the tip line when she paid with her business credit card. I might have actually watched one episode if you would have tipped us! Why Stumptownia, Why?