Jew-Tang Clan


Didn't read it. No one is interested in your rant. Unless this is 1997, and you are Jerry Seinfeld, keep your wacky observations to yourself.
i wonder who this numb-nuts is? sounds strangely (i.e., pathetically) familiar.

from a whole 4 days ago, not on a friday:

"I'm pioneering some new shit today and it's called,"The Friday Rant." Let's begin..."

for fuck's sake, man -- get over yourself.

so what's next? well, in response to me and other commenters here who don't gratefully admit to having creamed their pants upon reading your hard-hitting 'piece', and to those of us who don't immediately recognize and extol the undeniable power of your supposed comic-genius, you will smugly note that your last submission garnered more comments than most, all the while forgetting that over a quarter of said comments (the stupider, more shameful ones) were your own.

jeremy, lest you've been too busy looking in the mirror all of your life to notice: a pile of shit attracts a lot more flies than does a clean, original, undigested offering. and, as you have seen, the same goes for shit of the written variety.
This guy sounds like Ian Karmel after three peyote buttons, six quarts of vodka, and a frontal lobotomy (or, as Ian sometimes refers to it, "Friday night").
I liked it. Of course, Anon is always a moron.
I place myself around people who have dreams and goals too. "I'm there to get shit faced on overly expensive margaritas, show off my nose ring, and hit on women that are way out of my league." Make no mistake about the glory hole, this rant is going international.
Talk about "erring of grievances"...the whole thing was just a lot of erring.
DUDE! Your rant is too long and scatter-brained! Your shit reads like a jumbled mess.

Focus. Try and stay on ONE main subject. Try to keep things a little coherent. And keep it SHORT, will you?! It's the end of term and the last thing folks are in the mode for, is reading another fucking essay!
Well, I enjoy these wacky tales of hitting on drunken tramps.
Some of you guys are bitches. Some of you are awesome. I really don't know what else to say. Focus, yes. Pile of shit, yes. Drunken tramps, it's a lifestyle. If you have peyote, lemme know. International, I'd be a villian. Please, keep the comments going. I'm desperate for attention and in need of validation. I grew up a poor black child in Chicago. A victim of my environment. Also, I need $58 for a lift ticket to Timberline. Willing to provide "service" to any lucky ladies out there. Takers?
COMMENT DELETED: to fucking funny for this crowd.
@ geo:

but spelled just perfectly for us.
Ma baiya shillxha? Ata mishugah? Shoker mayode?

Lexch achol, gadole e kitsat... ;)
Dude. You are a miserable bitch. Maybe if you popped Momma's titty out your fucking mouth and eased that silver spoon up your ass a little further you'd be able to grasp the infinite vastness of you condescension. Your life sucks so much dick that you literally went back and counted out comments on that last shit. Get a fucking life. You're probably some nerdy little shit bag twerping out in from of your lap top between jacking off to Tim Allen and playing Zelda. You are a disappointment to humanity. Nobody loves you. You exist in the background, an extra in the movie of everybody else's life. Definitely an accident and your parents resented you for stealing their youth. Eat shit, feltcher.
"Very," "Little," and "Fake Jew" is what I'm able to translate off the top. Shixa is female gentile that looks like a Jew, right?
Try the beer nuts.
Merc: again, you know you don't need to print every one of these you get, right?
i'm glad the fucking idiot contingent waited until December to post.
Cry. Pussies. Cry.
"You exist in the background, an extra in the movie of everybody else's life." lmao that's actually fucking funny!!
(safe word J, use our safe word for these moments!) lol
Didn't read the rant, but could you PLEASE leave Wu-Tang out of your obnoxious little exercises? They are holy and not to be tainted.
Then don't taint Hemmingway by using the title of one of his works as your screen name you worthless impotent fuck.
Nah, fuck Hemmingway. Again, your opinions= not relevant.
Who the fuck are "Hemmingway" and "Elliot Smith"? Good job spelling Tim Allen right, though, moron. You're the idiot in the classroom who didn't read any of the assignment but still wants to talk about it and have people listen. Come back when you have something to say.
You must be joking. Elliot and Hemmingway are truly unknown to you but you know how to spell some B list actors name and actually have the nerve to criticize me for not spelling it correctly. You are a fucking dip shit. Get your priorities straight. Cunt.
Wtf is this verbal diarrhea? Also the Matador is a good place for tools of your ilk, stay there loser.
Even Mecklam steered clear of this one...