This will only hit home for those of you out there who listened to political talk radio. As some of you in the know may know, KPOJ has met an untimely death. The ONLY progressive talk radio station in a progressive town has gone the way of the do-do. Now, we have a THREE sports stations, yay! I've been on a few sites and it's funny to see all these Righties just gloating like little schoolchildren. I mean really, it's almost like they had one... you know, an 'orgasm'. It's sad really, but I am not at all surprised. Lars is the worst of them all, using the tried and true pathetic little names like "libs" to express his extreme pleasure that now he has no competition... free market my ass, eh? Anyway, I just want to take a moment to remind all of these gleeful Right-Wingers that WE won the election. That's right: YOU LOST! Remember? You can have your silly little battle over a small radio station because guess who won THE NATION? Ha. Ha. Ha. Enjoy your sports and your Lars, you simpleminded FREAKS. When Lars compared gun owners to African Americans and women in regards too civil rights, it was just too rich. Funny guy, that fat bastard Lars.