You were like little celebrities at the New Seasons store yesterday. Walking through the aisles with your baby, everyone smiling and stopping to say something to you. I ran across you three times during my visit, and every time you were fucking annoying! You blocked the aisle, like it was yours for the taking, looking for your coconut milk or something. At the deli, you just took your sweet time ordering multiple items, but discussing each one with your partner beforehand. Oh and your baby, you little snookums was just the icing on your cake. At the checkout, there you were again, putting your items on the belt, but FORGETTING to put the spacer out. I had to do it, and it's not that big of a deal, I know, but it was just the accumulation of all these things. Wow, you're lesbians with a baby, good for you. Take your wallet chain wearing, cowboy boot sporting, Carhartt adorning SLOW MOVING asses and get the fuck out of my way! Some people are just trying to shop and not on goddamn stage, you know.