Early this morning, I see that another commenter has apparently searched my username, found some picture of me on the internet from years ago and actually used it as their own profile photo. What?! I thought it odd and clicked on their profile to see that they have pretty much commented on EVERY submission that I have. And when I say EVERY, I mean that they haven't commented on many other submissions other than the ones that I have commented on. Ok, pretty fucking weird, right? Right. Then, about 5 minutes later, the photo of me is gone and this person's original photo is back up. This person was making these changes at around 5:30 in the morning. FUCKING WEIRD! Initially, I was flattered because I thought that maybe it was some attractive woman, but no. I then thought that these actions were a little creepy and I finally decided that they were REALLY FUCKING CREEPY. This person (and you know who you are) can be assured that if it happens again, I will notify the Mercury staff because I would think that this behavior constitutes stalking. What a deranged and creepy person you are... and I've got my eye on you. P.S. I also imagine that you are substantially overweight.