I don't know what kind of boyfriends you've had in the past but your approach to sex was the biggest turn off ever. It doesn't matter that you were a 10 in almost all other aspects because mentally you made it almost impossible to get excited for you. We're adults, we fuck. We don't have "sexy times". I have a cock, not "naughty bits". I'm not sure if you came from a highly religious household, dated lots of emo/femme guys or simply were an excellent gamesman with the guys in high school playing the "Teehee im innocent" card over and over and never got the memo that you are now a 34 year old adult, but talking about sex like you're some 13 year old comes off creepy as all fuck. You're a woman, you're beautiful. You have a pussy, not "special parts". Seriously, 2nd woman in a row to be reverting to this little girl shit. Knock it off.