I'll start with the elephant in the room, I am in a relationship. I care about her deeply, she is a beautiful, independent strong woman, and deserves to be shown every bit of it. I do show her! This is not what this is about, and she shows me every bit of attention that I could ever need. I appreciate all that she does in every way, but I am addicted to sex. I am young, I am horny, and I am endowed handsomely. The idea of having sex with one woman for the rest of my life is frustrating. I love you all. Every goddamn one of you. I want to be objectified, I'm tired of women trying to tie me down, and it's not that I want to be single. That's fun, but no one ever wants to fuck my sorry single ass when I actually am. It's always when I'm in relationship that these horny women show up out of the wood works to get a hold of me. So I ask, are there any babes out there that are actually ok with this? Who would actually give me the time of day to just be a mistress, and I nothing more than a dick? Or am I just an self absorbed asshole who can't stop thinking with his dick?