I do, I care, “the world has to end one day anyways,” and you know in your heart that it’s happening in 4 days. BUT it’s just simply not fucking happening on 12/21/2012 like you say. I understand your disappointed that Y2K didn't set us back to “rationality” as “United We should Stand” (Jesus tits, its “United We Stand” not “United We should Stand”) I also understand that with recent windstorms you’re scared. I’m happy that rite-aid has an abundance of candles (the red and white ones are your favorite) I think it’s cute that you’re letting your kids open presents on 12/20/2012 so they’ll have one day with their brand new materialistic coupon cut/black Friday toys. (I hit subscribe on your Facebook so I would get a text on my phone after your second post 12/5/2012) As of today you’re now giving personal shout outs to every single person on your Facebook between now and then, to express how much they mean to you. I will not deny you and unfriend you because of this, and I’m looking forward to the kind words you’re going to say to me before we all die a fiery death like you described on 12/7/2012.. Then, on 12/22/2012, I’m going to sad face every one of your posts, so I can watch my phone light up like a Christmas tree from all the 600 replies from your friends who already have a “you’re fucking crazy” opinion about how fucking insane you are. This is way better, then all those Jersey Shore episodes you commentary, and I appreciate you giving back to my friend acceptance. :)